Jämsä has everything a family could wish for

Jämsä has a combination of all the services a town can afford, diverse opportunities for different sports activities and is situated in the middle Finland nature.

The CEO of the architecture firm Zaner, architect Pasi Pohjoismäki says that Jämsä is just the right size for a home town, for his family.

A lot of people come from more populous areas back to Jämsä when their children go to school. Jämsä is a safe place to live, and the atmosphere in the town is great.

Pohjoismäki himself moved to Jämsä, with his wife Katja, from Pohjanmaa via Jyväskylä.

Pohjoismäki says that nowadays, running a business in Finland is challenging, but in Jämsä, the town administration is well aware of the situation.

In Jämsä the town and business owners are partners. We are on the same side of the table. I’m looking forward to the future in a positive way.

Pohjoismäki thinks that the Jämsä region still has opportunities for businesses.

-Entrepreneurs can find a lot of information in Jämsä, if they just know how to ask for it. In Jämsä, transport connections everywhere are extremely good, we are at the crossroads.

Life is smooth for families with kids

The Pohjoismäki Family has three children, who are all in school, therefore the local schools and day care are important to them. Pasi Pohjoismäki says that the town of Jämsä has built schools and day care centers with clean and healthy air circulation.

-I can send my three kids to school every day without any worries, and that is a great thing.

Pohjoismäki also thinks that the services in Jämsä are good. You don’t need to go further, even more special needs can be satisfied in Jämsä.

Katja Pohjoismäki says that family life is easy in Jämsä. All the services for families with children, schools and day care are near and easy to reach. Jämsä also has the benefits of being a small town, people get to know each other quickly and they are eager to help.

Jämsä has plenty of different kinds of sports facilities. You can play various sports, either in a group, with an instructor or just by yourself.

Sports clubs, youth organisations and private sports businesses along with the services the town offers are everything we could ask for when it comes to leisure activities, Katja Pohjoismäki tells us.

Home owner in Jämsä

Jämsä is an excellent place for slalom skiing. The Pohjoismäki Family also downhill skis as a hobby.

If you’re looking for facilities for slalom skiers as good as Jämsä, you need to travel quite far up north, Pasi Pohjoismäki says.

The Pohjoismäki Family moved to Jämsä in 1999 when Katja got a job in the sports services of the town of Jämsä. Pasi Pohjoismäki first started to work for an architect company, and quite soon became a partner. Ten years ago Zaner was founded, and Pohjoismäki was one of the founders. Zaner now has offices in both Jämsä and Jyväskylä. Their clients are all around Finland.

-We built our own house in Jämsä in 2000. Thanks to the company and our friends we have created a lot of close bonds to this town.