Education builds competent labour force in Jämsä

Jämsä has a skillful workforce that will not be a problem for businesses, says the headmaster of Gradia Jämsä, Petteri Järvinen.

-We can swiftly create specific education for any field, if needed. We use also a lot of apprenticeship training in our education system, he tells us.

Approximately 750 mature students and 650 younger students study at Gradia Jämsä. At the Gradia, one can study in several study programs ranging from forestry to tourism and from ICT to automobile industries.

-The majority of our students are in social and health studies, forestry, automobile industry and logistics, Järvinen tells us.

Gradia Jämsä’s speciality is a training program for top young athletes combined with studies. The main sporting events in the program are enduro racing, motocross and orienteering. Other events in the program are track and field, snowboarding, cross country skiing and football. The young athlete’s program is a co-operation between Gradia Jämsä, the Finnish Olympic Committee and different sports associations.

Work and continuing studies

The students from Gradia Jämsä do well after their studies. The students’ situation is monitored every spring, and according to the investigation most of the students will either find a job or continue their studies.

Gradia Jämsä receives students from neighboring towns as well.

-About 40 percent of our students come from Jämsä, Järvinen tells us.

Jämsä’s central location is also a benefit for education. The study opportunities of the region will expand remarkably if all the colleges and universities within 100 kilometers from Jämsä are taken into account. Within this radius are the universities and the universities of applied sciences in Jyväskylä and in Tampere along with the Tampere University of Technology. All combined, there are approximately 65 000 university students and 55 000 upper secondary level college students within 100 kilometers from Jämsä.