Trailers from Länkipohja to the world

Jyki Oy, a company manufacturing trailers in Länkipohja in Jämsä, is seeking growth.

“There is always movement in one direction or the other, and we would prefer to be a growing company,” says Otto Sirén, CEO of Jyki Oy.

Jyki has been manufacturing trailers in Länkipohja for over fifty years. Originally founded by the commercial vehicles union in 1966, Jyki has been a family-run company since 2012.

“During the recession in the 1990s, the markets disappeared and the company went bankrupt. The factory was then purchased by seven private individuals who continued its operations,” explains Sirén.

Nowadays, Jyki is a successful international company, with around half of its trailers exported abroad. The most important export countries are Sweden, Russia, the Baltic countries and Norway. There are now over a hundred employees on the company’s payroll.

Jyki’s desire for growth can be seen in its investments

“Over the past seven years, we have done a lot of investing. In 2012, we carried out a major expansion, in which we built ten thousand square metres of new facilities and tore down around four thousand square metres of old property,” Sirén says.

According to him, Jyki’s cooperation with the city of Jämsä, Jämsek and Jämsän Yrityskiinteistöt has been very constructive.

Otto Sirén feels that Jämsä and Länkipohja are the best, most central location for Jyki, with excellent road connections.

Trailers for transporting wood material are Jyki’s largest product group. There is a lot of industry in the area that uses wood. National Road 9 runs just a few hundred metres from the Jyki factories.

“We have a lot of customers here in the nearby area, and we have a lot of conversations with them. The closer the customer is, the more directly we receive feedback from them,” Sirén says.

Co-operation with companies in the area

Jyki engages in co-operation with other companies in the Jämsä region and nearby area. For example, they use local construction services for factory expansion work. Companies in the region also work as subcontractors for Jyki.

“Our subcontractors are mainly companies in the metal industry. We also work in cooperation with vehicle inspection services in the Jämsä region, for example,” says Sirén.

FinnMETKO, a major machine exhibition held in Myllymäki, Jämsä every second year, is an important event for Jyki.

“We participate every time with a big stand. FinnMETKO is always the main exhibition event of the year for us,” Sirén says.

Länkipohja is a wonderful place to live and run a business

Sirén believes that there is room for even more businesses in Länkipohja.

“There could even be new companies in the area around Jyki, and we would work in co-operation with them. We are not yet big enough to offer fixed work for a subcontractor, but I hope we will be at some point. A big enough company attracts others around it,” he says.

According to Sirén, Länkipohja is a wonderful place to live and run a business. The village has a store and a school, and there are very good opportunities for recreation and hobbies. The Längelmäki ice rink is right down the street from the Jyki factories, and nature is always  nearby.