ATVs and motorcycles delivered to every corner of Finland

One thing connects all the employees of Huolto-Kaksikko J-P Laine, which sells motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs; they all ride motorcycles.

“Because we ride motorcycles, we speak the same language as our customers, better understand their needs and, of course, can offer better advice in many issues, whether they are related to the purchase or maintenance of the bike or getting new additional or driving gear,” says Juha-Pekka Laine from Huolto-Kaksikko. Laine is the entrepreneur of Huolto-Kaksikko together with Tiina Hyvärinen.

Huolto-Kaksikko J-P Laine is a full-service retailer. In addition to selling vehicles and equipment, Huolto-Kaksikko also provides devices, spare parts and even maintenance.

Juha-Pekka Laine says that they offer their customers a little more than other places. Huolto-Kaksikko maintains a large inventory, which means that customers get the necessary parts and equipment immediately with them.

“We recently had some customers from Helsinki who said that we have a lot more on offer than in Helsinki,” says Laine.

Great service and a wide selection have made Huolto-Kaksikko famous throughout Finland.

In online motorcycle and ATV discussion, those who have questions are often told to call Jämsä, they will know,” says Veijo Toimela who is in charge of sales at Huolto-Kaksikko.

Huolto-Kaksikko has also been acknowledged for their work. Last year, Yamaha Motor Finland selected Huolto-Kaksikko as the ATV retailer of the year.

Huolto-Kaksikko sells motorcycles and ATVs from Jämsä to all over Finland. After the interview, Veijo Toimela will be taking an ATV to Helsinki, and a little earlier, an ATV was delivered to Sodankylä. Laine and Toimela estimate that three quarters of Huolto-Kaksikko’s sales are directed outside the Jämsä region.

“We have grown into a large company in our field, and that is why we can also offer the people of Jämsä such high-quality service,” says Laine.

The central location of Jämsä is a definite asset for Huolto-Kaksikko. Laine states that when you draw a circle with a radius of a few hundred kilometres from Jämsä, the circle encompasses many customers.

Juha-Pekka Laine started working with motorcycles as a side business in the mid-1980s. After his day job, he would spend his evenings fixing up motorcycles.

Laine got very good at what he did. Later on, he won the Finnish championships in the competitions of Honda and Yamaha mechanics. He was also close to the top in the European championships.

“The word spread that there’s this guy who can do something in Jämsä,” he reminisces.

Huolto-Kaksikko has grown patiently and carefully. The greatest leap took place in 2014 when they bought and renovated the current business premises.

“The industry was experiencing a downward turn but we took a chance. Back then, our only options were expanding or shutting down,” Laine says.

He extends his thanks to the expertise of Jämsek and the City of Jämsä in planning the construction of the business premises and funding.

The sales market of motorcycles has changed drastically during Huolto-Kaksikko’s era. Laine says that before it was enough in the industry if you believed in what you did but didn’t know how to count. Now it’s the opposite.

“You cannot succeed in this business if you don’t plan ahead and make calculations. When we started, 14,000 motorcycles were sold in Finland every year, and last year the number was only 3,000.”

However, Laine has faith in the future of Huolto-Kaksikko. He believes that great service and good accessibility will be their trump cards also in the future.

“Now, the industry is looking up again. We’re staying afloat.”

Huolto-Kaksikko might come up with something new in the future. The new business premises, that are a few years old now, are starting to feel a little cramped.

“As an entrepreneur, I must keep coming up with new ideas, I can’t just rest on my laurels,” says Laine.