Smoke sauna is for lovers of life

The relaxing and hassle-free smoke sauna experience continues to attract Finns. A large part of new Finnish smoke saunas has been constructed by Sisusauna in Jämsä and delivered as completed saunas to customers. Annually, Sisusauna transports 10–15 new smoke saunas to all around Finland.

“Last year, we delivered a ready sauna and granary to Degerby in Kirkkonummi, southern Finland. In the autumn, we took a smoke sauna to Lapland, 17 kilometres onwards from Karesuvanto in Enontekiö. Every year, we travel around 40,000 kilometres on our sauna trips,” says Janne Vainiomäki from Sisusauna.

Sisusauna offers the full service package. In addition to smoke saunas, the company manufactures and delivers sauna stoves to 50–70 saunas every year, builds summer cottages and yard sheds as well as maintains saunas.

Their good reputation has brought Sisusauna more orders. The man who ordered the sauna for Karesuvanto had bought a sauna for his home in Porvoo from Sisusauna five years earlier.

“We took the smoke sauna to the Karesuvanto cottage so that the customer could walk directly to the sauna when coming home from hunting,” says Vainiomäki.

In addition to homes and summer cottages, Sisusauna has also delivered saunas to camping sites. You can sweat in Sisusauna’s smoke saunas in Vantaa at the Kuusijärvi camping site and, for course, at Himos in Jämsä, among other places. Last year, a Sisusauna smoke sauna was available for public use at the Jämsä pool in the spring.

“Sisusauna has also participated in the Sauna Village in Jämsä. We want to support the old sauna culture,” says Vainiomäki.

Ten years back, in the recession, the enthusiasm for smoke saunas first grew but then faded.

“First, people had more time to enjoy themselves. Back then, we also built a new hall along the road leading to Tampere,” he says.

The sales have again picked up recently. Vainiomäki says that at times the sauna business can be very busy.

“A smoke sauna is no longer an impulse purchase but it does evoke a strong interest. Smoke saunas are for pleasure, customers usually also have a regular sauna,” he says.

Fairs and exhibitions play a central role in Sisusauna’s marketing. Sisusauna presents its sauna offering on several biennial large and important fairs. This April, the Spring Fair was organised in Helsinki, the OKRA Farm Fair will take place in Oripää in July and the massive FinnMETKO 2018 fair will be organised in Jämsä in the autumn. Sisusauna will participate in all of these events.

According to Vainiomäki, Sisusauna’s location along the highway leading to Tampere and close to the Jämsä intersection attracts passers-by interested in smoke saunas in the summertime. He hopes that the tourism in the Jämsä region would pick up even more, as it would mean more tourists getting to know the saunas of Sisusauna.

Sisusauna is a new company with a long background in building saunas. The company was established in 2016 when the work of the family’s father Kari Vainiomäki was passed on to his son, Janne Vainiomäki. Sisusauna is a family-run business, as also the other two sons of the family help out in the work when necessary. Kari Vainiomäki, too, is still involved in the operations full time.

“My father ran a construction company for almost 40 years, and we have around twenty years of experience in building saunas,” says Janne Vainiomäki.

The Vainiomäki family received help for the transfer to the next generation, setting up a new company and investments from Jämsek. Janne Vainiomäki thinks that Jämsek’s services are an excellent support for entrepreneurs.

(Janne Vainiomäki)