New business premises at a busy intersection

The intersection area of the Jyväskylä-Tampere highway and Lahdentie highway will get new business premises.

The plot for the new premises is behind the intersection’s petrol stations in Pahkalankatu. The business premises would be approximately 2,000 square metres in size. The plan is to have several business premises in the building, with sizes ranging between 200 and 750 square metres. The ceiling height will be 5–6 metres, so the spaces can be partly on two floors. The large courtyard of the building will be asphalted.

A1 Kiinteistöt Oy from Jämsä is behind the initiative.

“We will start building the premises as soon as we have enough interest. If those interested contact us soon, they can plan the spaces as they desire,” Matti Järvinen, CEO of A1 Kiinteistöt Oy says.

The intersection area is a great business location. The roads passing the area have heavy traffic. According to a traffic measurement performed a few years ago, 3.6 million cars pass through the intersection annually. There are already businesses in the area that give passers-by a good reason to stop.

Matti Järvinen operates the Neste Jämsän Portti petrol station at the intersection.

“The traffic can easily be utilised. The logistics in the area are also good, as Jämsä’s centre is nearby.”

Järvinen explains that they started planning the new business premises as there had been a lot of demand for premises at the intersection area. He says that any kind of business is suitable for the area, but there are already many car businesses within the area. You can find car inspection and tyre sales nearby, and businesses within the same sector could benefit from each other.

Matti Järvinen knows the intersection area well. He is already a second-generation petrol station entrepreneur in the area. His father founded a petrol station at the intersection after mid-1960s.

I’ve been hanging around since I was a little boy. I’ve been the official entrepreneur since 1981. We have more than 50 years of traditions in this area,” he says.

The intersection area has developed slowly but surely in the past 50 years. In 2015, Tokmanni opened a store next to the intersection, which has livened up the area even further. Järvinen says that there is plenty of space for more entrepreneurs in the area. Jämsä city has available plots right by the intersection.