Good opportunities for entrepreneurs in Central Finland

Entrepreneur at Jämsä-based Ruotsulan Hovi and CEO of Eepos Group Oy Jaana Lyyra mentions good connections and the social nature of the local residents as Jämsä’s strengths.

Lyyra started to develop her business operation in Jämsä in 2011 after she bought the Ruotsula school as a place for meetings, trainings, accommodation and parties. Ruotsulan Hovi opened its doors in the summer of 2012.

“Before, I was a business manager and partner in the capital area. After a merger, an opportunity to relocate to Jämsä opened up. We already had a holiday house nearby.”

“I had already spent a lot of free-time here and even worked remotely from here. I had already thought that one day I could move to Jämsä, which was then made possible by the merger.”

“I have been so happy with both living and being an entrepreneur in Jämsä. There are plenty of exercise possibilities here, for example, at Himos, as well as various services. The theatre operates around the year, and the area’s landscape is so beautiful. There are many activities available in the nature, for example, at Jämsänjoki river.” According to Lyyra, Ruotsulan Hovi is a perfect example of what an excellent meeting place Jämsä is, right in the middle of Finland.

“We get guests from Tampere and Jyväskylä, but also from Lapland and Helsinki, as we are conveniently in the middle of Finland,” Jaana Lyyra says.