Jämsä city centre

Jämsä municipality’s commercial centre, Seppola, is being actively developed through green construction and land use planning.

Maauimala activity park becomes a living room for the locals

Locates in the Jämsä town centre, the Maauimala activity park offers a wide variety of sports and recreational activitites. In the summer, you can take a swim and spend time in the grassy areas of the park sunbathing and enjoying a picnic. The activity park also has a wide range of outdoor exercise equipment, a children’s playground and the Finland’s first Bukk Off Ice Game Park. In the ice game park, you can practice ice hockey, rinkball and floorball. For those looking for more fast-paced action, we recommend the Pumptrack course for bikes and scooters. Across the road is the children’s traffic park, where you will find traffic lights familiar with real traffic, a refueling station and a roundabout.


A Jeans store with tradition

Vehkala Jeans Dealer is a clothing shop with long roots in Jämsä. The Vehkala shop has operated in the same location in Seppola, central Jämsä, since the late 1930s.

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