Diverse education opportunities

An individual study path for everyone

Upper secondary school, vocational studies, sports coaching and travelling for competitions. During time off, disc golf and even homework at some point. This is what Rasmus Tuominen’s life looks like.

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Education builds competent labour force in Jämsä

Jämsä offers a varied range of education opportunities. Entrepreneurs can rely on Jämsä’s ability to provide a competent workforce, says Petteri Järvinen, Head of Jämsä College. Our largest fields are social and health services, forestry, vehicle technology and logistics. The specialty of Jämsä College is vocational training for athletes

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More than 100,000 students within 100 kilometres

In addition to primary schools and the upper secondary school, Jämsä has a Christian institute that provides both all-round and vocational education. Jämsä Community College offers more than 300 courses every year, and the college of music provides high-quality music instruction.

The universities and universities of applied sciences in Jyväskylä and Tampere, as well as Tampere University of Technology and a variety of vocational colleges and community colleges are located within 100 kilometres of Jämsä. This ensures that competent employees are available in and around Jämsä in any field.

Jämsä helps companies to tailor training in connection with the educational institutions.