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Things to do in summer Winter atmosphere in Himos

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Patapirtissä lämpöä hehkuu muualtakin kuin takkatulesta. Oikea tunnelma yhdistettynä lähi- ja luomuruokiin sekä oman tilan marjoista tehtyihin viineihin lisäävät tutkitusti vieraiden onnellisuutta.

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Elsi Ojala took over the reins at Himos

Returning to her roots was a conscious decision. The new CEO has known the ski resort’s hills and slopes for a long time and running a family business is a way of life. The most important thing right now in Himos is constructing services.

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Restaurant Rinne feeds visitors at Himos

Restaurant Rinne in Himos, Jämsä, cooks food from scratch for skiers and other visitors. “We even make buns, doughnuts and pizza dough by ourselves,” Jukka Auterinen, entrepreneur at Restaurant Rinne explains. He explains that Restaurant Rinne also brought popular après-ski events to Himos.

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Moose Manor

Moose Manor is the only privately-owned moose farm in Finland and a restaurant serving delicious food near Himos. Owner Susanna Partio says that Jämsä is a good meeting place in central Finland, for example, for conference guests. The many international events held there are also an important source of customers.

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Himos – tourism in all seasons

Himos is an international, year-round holiday destination and a great venue for different events. There are approximately 4,000 beds in the Himos area and a number of restaurants and event services. Himos Ski Resort has the best and most versatile slopes in southern and central Finland, with a total of 25 slopes. The largest events in the summer are the Himos Midsummer and Iskelmä festivals and the 90s dance music festival Jysäri. Himos attracts around 140,000 visitors every summer and 350,000 every year, including visitors on day trips.

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  • Registered stays in 2020: 207,000
  • Percentage of foreigners among the guests around 20%
  • 450 cottages and villas
  • Value of accommodation sales EUR 5,9 million (2020)
  • 140,000 visitors in the summer
  • The popular Midsummer, Iskelmä and Jysäri festivals, plus a number of other events
  • 26 slopes, an 18-hole golf course, several restaurants and plenty of activities



The future of the area

Himos is growing and developing continuously. The holiday centre is also expanding towards Lake Päijänne, and there are excellent plots available in the Päijänranta shore area. Unlike other holiday villages, the Päijänranta area is open in all seasons. When the construction of the Holiday Club Resort starts, the area will have even more services that will attract further investments. The spa resort, complete golf course, high-quality slope services and large festivals will make the Himos tourism centre even more comfortable.

Himos Master Plan 2035 – The Vision of Tourism Development