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Excellent sport venues

Diverse services, beautiful nature and an ample choice of hobbies guarantee comfortable living in Jämsä. The city has some 150 active sports clubs and associations that offer a range of options for both recreational and serious sports enthusiasts. Available sports include orienteering, ski jumping, enduro and dance. Jämsä also has the longest bicycling pump track in Finland.

The 21 slopes at Himos have something for everyone, from beginners to advanced skiers. The Jämsä region also has around 200 kilometres of ski tracks in varied and beautiful terrain. Sport venues range form gyms and swimming halls to ice rinks and sports fields. In the summer, visitors to Himos can play a game of golf on the full-sized golf course in beautiful surroundings. There is also a hugely popular canoe route called Wanha Witonen. The 75 km route connects Jämsä with Petäjävesi.

Jämsä also has a rich selection of culture services. The city has, for example, a college of music, as well as several active choirs, orchestras, community theatres and art societies. Jämsä Community College offers around 300 courses every year, ranging from arts and crafts to languages, sports and dance. For additional information on hobbies and recreation, visit the City of Jämsä website.

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