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Marketplace for opportunities

Jämsä is located in central Finland, at the junction of main roads 9 and 24, inside the triangle formed by the cities of Lahti, Tampere and Jyväskylä. Companies at the junction can enjoy short distances to the capital region, ports and other major urban centres. The development of the rail capacity will support international growth in the area.

The junction has two gas stations, fast food restaurants and department store Tokmanni. 3.6 million vehicles drive by the junction every year*.

Jämsä is developing the area into one of the city’s prime attractions that will have speciality shops, outlets and restaurant services for travellers. The junction is an excellent choice of location for companies that serve both passers-by and visitors in the area. Being located at the junction of main roads guarantees excellent visibility and good logistics connections. The land use plans enable many more business plots in the area in addition to the existing ones.

*Source: Traffic volumes from the Finnish Transport Agency



  • 3.6 million vehicles every year
  • Plots for commercial, office and industrial operations that do not harm the environment
  • Areas range from 4,600 to 22,000 m2
  • Permitted building volume 1,800–6,600 m2
  • The plots are available for rent or purchase
  • The area is covered by public utility services
  • The plots are connected to the water and sewage network

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The future of the area

Commercial centres have always been located at major transportation hubs. The potential of the main road 9/24 junction will grow, because although logistics needs are changing, they are not disappearing. Traffic volumes are expected to increase in the future despite technical advances, and main roads will become more important. This will strengthen the potential of the junction as a logistics centre. Commuting is also expected to become more common. Urban centres and easily accessible areas, such as the main road 9, will become the most important commercial hubs.

New business premises at a busy intersection

The intersection area of the Jyväskylä-Tampere highway and Lahdentie highway will get new business premises. A1 Kiinteistöt Oy from Jämsä is behind the initiative. “We will start building the premises as soon as we have enough interest. If those interested contact us soon, they can plan the spaces as they desire,” Matti Järvinen, CEO of A1 Kiinteistöt Oy says.

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ATVs and motorcycles delivered to every corner of Finland

One thing connects all the employees of Huolto-Kaksikko J-P Laine, which sells motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs; they all ride motorcycles. Huolto-Kaksikko J-P Laine is a full-service retailer. In addition to selling vehicles and equipment, Huolto-Kaksikko also provides devices, spare parts and even maintenance.

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Smoke sauna is for lovers of life

The relaxing and hassle-free smoke sauna experience continues to attract Finns. A large part of new Finnish smoke saunas has been constructed by Sisusauna in Jämsä and delivered as completed saunas to customers.

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